New Life Bible Church set to host its yearly Refresh Women’s Conference

Refresh Women’s Conference is back with its goal of elevating, empowering women and girls.

Organised and hosted by New Life Bible Church, the event will happen from 24th-26th March under the theme ‘Birth, Nurture, Lead Revival.’

Founded in 2004 by Pastor Florence Mugisha, wife to Pastor Charles Mugisha- the Senior Pastor and founder of New Life Bible Church and Africa New Life Ministries, the annual conference has been bearing fruits in elevating and empowering women and girls in Rwanda as well as restoring broken marriages and families.

This year, the conference returns to the physical stage after two years running virtual and reaching audiences via digital platforms due to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Friday and Saturday are exclusive for women and girls while on Sunday men and boys are also invited to join. Doors will be open from 4 pm.

Saturday specifically after community service, there will be a special time for girls known as REAL: (Refreshed, Encouraged, Assured and Loved.)

The event will be graced by amazing, anointed and spirit-filled speakers including the duo of Pastor Grace and Pastor Lincoln Serwanga from London, Pastor Lydia Karani from Dubai in addition to the hosts Pastor Charles and Florence Mugisha.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated conference, hosts and speakers have addressed the media to invite everyone in Kigali to come and experience God’s manifestation. 

According to Pastor Charles Mugisha, everyone needs refreshment. The pastor said that these days, people are thirsty and they need living water, referring to Christ’s message saying that anyone who is thirsty should come to Him.

“I am supporting my wife’s vision which aims to revive women. Refresh helps solve family conflicts. Refresh is an important women’s platform that helps them solve spiritual problems and promote reconciliation,” he said.

He added that the Refresh Women’s Conference is one part of Africa New Life Ministries where women and girls get equipped.  “A refreshed woman nurtures positively, lives in peace with her husband, becomes a spirit filled evangelist and good service provider in their respective disciplines. Refresh puts women’s hearts at peace,” he noted.

Pastor Florence explained that Refresh Women’s gathering aims to see lives revived, adding that every year the event comes with a unique experience helping women to be fully immersed in God’s presence, and have their lives completely transformed.

For Pastor Grace Serwanga, women and girls need a special time in God’s presence to allow Him to refresh and give them new strength that enables them to do all things.

“God is faithful. When people come together and wait on Him, He saves and heals. Every time we come it’s not just sparking fire, there is change for the attendees but also as speakers, we leave refreshed. We go back with new strength,” she noted.

Pastor Lincoln Serwanga encouraged everyone to not miss such an opportunity that God has set to touch the lives of women.

He revealed that his church has a plan to roll out a similar initiative in London. “We love coming here because our lives have been touched. Every time, we go back changed. We are excited with what we experience in Refresh Women.”



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  1. I do really appreciate for this hard work day and night to serve and Look for the Lost souls to bring them to Christ.
    I wish you nice moment of Refreshing

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