What are you saved from?


In December, I was on a bus from Kayonza going to Kigali with a friend who was telling me about her salvation. The stubborn me couldn’t play along, so I asked what they were saved from.

Before I take you into our discussion, I would like to mention that such discussions are very important especially if we use scriptures as the foundation.

Now back to our discussion. I was hoping to know what she was saved from. This took us to a story about her life.

In her words, after becoming a ‘bad teenager’ who mostly caused her mother anguish, she thought it better to join abarokore (ADEPR) church, may be then she would start behaving well.

Eight years later, she sings in the choir and believes to be a better person than she was. Honestly, basing on what she shared, I think there was a change in her morals. But then I was still waiting for a direct answer to my question, what were you saved from? The more we went on to talk, the more it became harder for her to explain, but finally, she was able to tell me that it was sin that she was saved from.

With a not so innocent smile, poor me asked ‘so you don’t sin?’ As you can imagine she said yes but then came another puzzle with the attempt to answer this seemingly simple question. Unfortunately, when we reached Kabuga, she got off the bus and I continued to Remera, I am not sure if she still thinks through my question but since you have read this whole story, it’s your turn.

If you claim to be saved, what are you saved from? (Wakijijwe iki). The claim that you are saved shows an idea of salvation, and someone doing the act of saving you but then, what is the person saving us from? It would also be good to ask yourself this question. You may be surprised by your answer if you prayerfully seek what the scriptures say about this.