Washington: Joy as True Promises’ Danny Ndasumbwa family welcomes twins

Families and friends have taken to social media sending congratulatory messages to the family of Danny Ndasumbwa and Patience Mwamikazi as they welcomed twin baby boys.

Ndasumbwa and his wife, who are members of True Promises Ministries, live in Kirkland Washington, United States of America.

Around 4:00 am (Kigali time), Ndasumbwa took to social media and wrote: “God is the only Father.” Then he posted his picture bearing twin boys in his hands. He also thanked the team of doctors who were on duty while his wife gave birth.

Twin boys named Leon Ndasumbwa and Levi Ndasumbwa were born from Washington Seattle (Evergreen health).

In an interview with the Gospel Time, Ndasumbwa expressed his heartfelt pleasure saying, “We are so grateful. It’s a great joy to be blessed with twins.”

The family is now blessed with four children named Liam Ndasumbwa, Liana Ndasumbwa, Leon Ndasumbwa and Levi Ndasumbwa.

Ndasumbwa is one of the founders of True Promises Ministries and was the first legal representative of the ministry.

Founded in 2009 by a team of young girls and boys, True Promises Ministries is a faith-based group composed of members from different denominations. To date, the group has grown and opened branches in the region and outside Africa.

True Promises has been ministering in the country and neighbouring countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi under the vision of building the Kingdom of God through True Worship, True Prayer and True word of life.