Apostle Grace Lubega: ‘I am not in Rwanda to heal the sick, but impart something unto somebody’s soul’

Renowned preacher, Apostle Grace Lubega, is in Rwanda for the Rwanda Revival conference scheduled for Saturday, February 4.

His first engagement was attending the Minister’s conference in Kigali on Friday, February 3.

The Minister’s conference was a debut session of the 2023 Rwanda Revival conference and was attended by Apostles, Prophets, Bishops and worshippers among others.

In his address, the founder of Phaneroo Ministries International shared his main reason for being in Kigali and his expectations during the conference.

“The reason why I am in Rwanda is not to heal the sick. No, that’s secondary. The reason why I am in Rwanda is to impart something unto somebody’s soul. I do not know who…but I am looking for a certain man, woman to join faithfully and say, “Father, we want to see revival in this land and we will see it. We are going to see it…” he said.

The preacher noted that it is God’s power and ability that does all things as well as choosing and anointing his people.

“We are not qualified for ministry when God chooses us,” he pointed out.

He quoted Jeremiah 1:5 which says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

The Apostle explains the scripture noting that he was not a man who was qualified, instead he was a man chosen by God. But, not everybody chosen by God fulfills the purpose of God in their lives.

He went to explain that anyone can impact the world, regardless of the size of their ministry.

He noted: “God told us, go into the world… you can start from Kimisagara but your ministry will not stay in Kimisagara, you can start in Remera but your ministry will not end in Remera (a sector in the City of Kigali).

“I don’t care whether you speak English, French or Kinyarwanda but if you have authority to say ‘in the name of Jesus Christ, get up and walk,’ the nation will hear you,” the Apostle added.

The Apostle underscores the need to listen to God and know what it is He is requiring of you as a person.

He recalled a time God appeared to him and said, “what you are building, I want you to know is not the way I build. I was broken. I was tithing, I was praying and fasting. Moreover, I was gifted and people would say that boy has God. But the ministry had failed.”

With that, he shared his testimony of how God taught him and asked him to be submissive.

Apostle went on sharing how in Uganda it was not easy to gather even 1,200 people during working days. But today, under his ministry a total of 12,000 people gather every Thursday and the ministry has grown to 526 branches within only 8 years.

The ministry has fellowships across the world. Apostle’s sermons are on various popular televisions across the world.

He emphasised how God has done amazing work in his ministry in Uganda noting that there is nothing God cannot do.

Currently, Phaneroo ministries gather more than 50,000 people in Uganda, something he says was not possible before. His ministry has also seen God heal people.

The Apostle described himself as a living proof that with God, all things are possible.