Africa College of Theology welcomes new students for academic year 2023

Africa College of Theology, owned by Africa New Life Ministries, on Saturday hosted a convocation ceremony at New Life Bible church in Kicukiro for new students enrolling for the new academic year 2023. 

The college is among a few theological schools in the country, and it has a vision to equip men and women for church and para-church ministries as redemptive servant leaders through the attainment of character formation, academic training, and professional skills.

Africa College of Theology also seeks to provide training and continuing education opportunities for ministers, bible teachers and Christian leaders.

A total of 20 students were welcomed on Saturday although officials said that the school expects more students to enrol since registration is still open till next month (February).  

Rev. Dr. Charles Mugisha, Chancellor of Africa College of Theology, said that they are happy that their vision complements the government’s current initiative which requires all church leaders to have a bachelor’s degree in Theology.

“The government requires a bachelor’s degree, but our school wants to deliver more than what the country requires because we will also deliver post-graduate programs. Before Jesus commissioned his disciples, He trained them for three years. So, every called servant of God should be trained. A calling is number one but it’s not enough when it’s not sharpened.

“Again, training without calling is useless. That’s why we ensure that every student at our school has a calling. A person who has a calling and trained is more competent than someone who has a calling but not trained,” he noted.

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So far, the college has over 300 students consisting of church leaders and independent students. In addition, the school will hold its first ever graduation for over 200 students this year in December.

Mugisha expresses gratitude for the school will soon start to send out skilled servants who are likely to serve in churches, ministries and various non-government organisations.

 Students who enrol at the school include those from different denominations and countries within Africa specifically Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Gabon, Angola and Kenya.

Africa College of Theology offers Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Theology and leadership and post-graduate diploma in Theology and leadership.

“You are welcome to Africa College of Theology. You will become a redemptive servant leader who is truly competent to lead in the modern world. God bless you,” Mugisha welcomes all interested learners.

According to Manasseh Ogola, the Vice-Principal in charge of Academic Affairs at the college, a convocation ceremony is held to pray for new students, encourage and share updates concerning school operations.

“Anyone who wants to enrol for a bachelor’s program in Theology must have a high school diploma with two principle passes whereas a post-graduate candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in any field. Moreover, theological studies are not limited to pastors only, all redemptive servant leaders who go to serve in various fields such as church, ministries among other church related organisations can enrol,” he explained.

John Bosco Kanyangoga, a pastor at Zion Temple- Nyarutarama parish, said that taking theology studies equipped him with how to effectively prepare and deliver sermons.

According to him, theology studies avoid some common mistakes made by preachers such as poor interpretation of scriptures and ‘emotional preaching.’

Liliane Nyirarukundo holds a bachelor’s degree from Africa College of Theology. She plans to continue with a post-graduate program. However, she made it clear that she has no plan to become a pastor or bishop.

“I came to study theology not because I want to become a pastor or bishop. I believe that it’s every believer’s responsibility to study the word of God, as the bible says you will know the truth and it will set you free. My goal is to know the truth personally rather than rely on what others preach or my own understanding. I want to know more about the word of God,” she noted.