2022 Top 5 Worship Songs

Alright, we hope it is still that time of the year when we look back on what transpired in the previous one as we once again fix our eyes on Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our faith.

Like we have done in the past, in this article we are bringing you some of the top worship songs that stood out in the year we have just concluded – 2022.

Again, we will issue this disclaimer: This list should not be misunderstood as one for the most-watched gospel songs on YouTube or the most famous ones in 2022. Rather, the list is for those songs that we found very fervent, laden with meaning about who God is, and with words that are to be treasured when you bring your heart as a sacrifice to the altar of worship.

  1. Niongoze by Mukwiza Merci

Little known musician Mukwiza Merci produced the song that tops the list for the year 2022. Titled “Niongoze,” the song is a prayer in which the singer is asking God to guide and surround him because “life is nothing without Him.”

Its lyrics are in Swahili, but that should not be really a barrier for you to try it out even if you don’t speak the language. It is a serious prayer that you need to raise to God, just like Jabez prayed to God in 1 Chronicles 4:10

“Let your hand be with me and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.”

  1. Mana Urahambaye by Elayone Music

Elayone Music Group have always made good fervent songs. This year, they made many songs that actually deserve to be on this list, but it is hard to include all of them, so we chose two.

“Mana Urahambaye,” a video that they uploaded on YouTube around October is one of them. It thoughtful talks to God, meditating on how great He is – The one who is holding the stars, who commands the tempests and storms. It also adores Him for how beautiful He is. For sure, God is beautiful, He is breathtaking. Hallellujah!

  1. Ni muzima by Elayone Music

 “Ni muzima” (translated as He is alive), also by Elayone Music it talks about the fact that Jesus is alive, having died and resurrected. And for this reason, we will also not die but live.  A great song that gives you an opportunity to claim the unbreakable promise of God who swore to give us life through His son Jesus Christ.

  1. Isezerano by James and Daniella

The musical couple of Daniella and James Rugarama made yet a great song again. This one is a beautiful tune that talks about the covenant of God. If you sing this one with a steadfast heart, you might really cry as you realize how God has loved us.

“When the Lord makes a promise, it is eternally firm because He is eternal. He promised that He will not forsake me. He said, ‘you are my child, I have begotten you.’” run some of the lyrics of the song.

  1. Araruhutse by Bosco Nshuti, Alex DUSABE, Neema JEANNE, K.Olivier, Mathoucellah

This one was made as a tribute to Gisele Precious, a gospel musician who passed on in 2022. Bosco Nshuti featured a number of gospel singers on the song. It points us to the fact that people who die in The Lord do not perish but go to a better place, and therefore we have hope.