Teen Challenge Oklahoma: Leaders in Rwanda for training on drug abuse among youth

By Patrick Nzabonimpa 

Wayne Gray, President and CEO of Teen Challenge Oklahoma and Greg W. Keylon, President of Living Free, arrived in Kigali with their delegation on Thursday November 3, for a two-day training on youth and drug abuse.

The training aims to equip leaders of Teen Challenge chapters and different church leaders operating in East Africa with skills to help young people overcome drug addiction, among other forms of addiction.

It is set to happen on November 5- 6 at AEE Guest House located in Kabeza, Kigali City.

Speaking upon arrival, Gray, who is showing up in Rwanda for the third time, said that through the training, participants will be skilled on how to be a teen challenge worker to help young people with drug and alcohol problems; to overcome them by employing Christian values and the word of God.

Wayne Gray, President and CEO of Teen Challenge Oklahoma

He said participants are from six East African countries and hopes to make them feel more prepared and understanding regarding how they can help young addicts.

Gray also urged young people not to waste their youth incurring themselves in drugs and alcohol, adding that they don’t have to try them for they rob their future.

According to Keylon, the organisation has 240 locations in the United States and serves different ministries in 116 countries, providing training and resources for teen challenges and churches to use bible-centred material to help people overcome drug addiction and any kind of life-controlling problem they may have.

Tackling why they came alongside teen challenge, he said that they aim to equip churches with skills that help them to reach out to people who are suffering from different issues in their churches and outside, declaring that Living Free is a safe place for them to share their hopes, dreams and struggles so that they can overcome different addictions such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, among others.

Keylon said that they also have an aftercare program for those who finish the main program where they return to churches and join Living Free groups to continue their support to stay sober.

Participants for the training are over 50, according to Pastor Willy Rumenera, Regional Director of Teen Challenge East Africa and the host of the training.