Meet rising gospel artiste, Jules Mpundu

Jules Mpundu is a young gospel musician and worshipper who has been active on the gospel music stage for some years.

Mpundu began singing at a tender age at the Inkuru Nziza church in Kigali.

He sang in children, youth and church choir at his local church. As a young man, he longed to develop his singing ability in order to expand his mission of evangelism through music.

The singer has been serving as a worship leader and acoustic guitar player with the Blessed United Band until 2021 when he felt a need to start solo music.

Nearly two years of a solo music career, Mpundu has released three songs: C’est pas la fin (it’s not the end), Icyaremwe gishya and his latest Ntuhinduka. All songs can be found on the artiste’s YouTube channel “Mpundu Jules.”

“Although I have been serving in different singing groups, I felt a call to start solo music. Sometimes you can reach a point where you feel like doing what you have been doing in a different way. I want to put more effort into getting my solo music to a good level,” he said.

As Jesus recommended his disciples to take the gospel to the whole world, the singer dreamed of taking His message to the world too.

“I want to give everything in my heart so that it can help others. In the coming year, I plan to write and release more songs.  My purpose in singing is to bring people to Christ. My inspiration focuses on telling people about Jesus Christ who saved the souls of men,” Mpundu added.

Mpundu explained that when he prayed, he discovered that he had an inner ability to benefit others.

The singer never worried about finances because he believed God would make a way for him to preach the gospel through music.