Overflow Africa Worship is about unity, networking, knowledge-sharing: Founder Nzeyimana

The Overflow Africa Worship conference is one of the events that were interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Its latest physical gathering took place in 2019 and for the following two years, it was held virtually as part of observing the government’s measures to combat the spread of the pandemic.

The organisers of the conference are now optimistic as the annual conference returns to the physical stage this year.

Established in 2017, the conference was founded by the duo of Fabrice and Maya Nzeyimana, with the aim to create a platform for African worshippers to share experience and networking.

The duo is also behind the creation of Heavenly Melodies Africa, another initiative which brings together worship leaders and pastors from various denominations across the African continent to further spread the gospel.

Ahead of the preparations of the upcoming conference slated for October 28 to October 30 at Christian life assembly (CLA) in Nyarutarama, under the theme ‘The Heart of Worship,’ Fabrice Nzeyimana talked to the media inviting and informing the general public about the event.

As he spoke from the studios of Rwanda Television where he was acting as a guest news anchor, Nzeyimana explained that Overflow Africa Worship conference is about putting strengths together as gospel artistes across the African continent, to network, share knowledge and skills.

“I believe that there is strength in unity. I believe that the African continent can develop and achieve big if we all come together as one. Some people make mistakes thinking that Africa is a single country,

 and this makes sense because I would love to see Africans coming together and do things together,” Nzeyimana said.

He added: “We are really happy to be back on stage after 2 years of virtual events.”

Nzeyimana described this year’s conference to be more special since it will bring together local, international anointed and experienced worshippers including Gaby Kamanzi, Papi Clever and Dorcas, Maya and Fabrice, Apostle Apollinaire Habonimana from Burundi, Pompi and his wife Esther from Zambia, Rebekah Dawn from Kenya, and Mussie Fisseha from Ethiopia.

The conference will feature morning workshops for artistes and church leaders, and praise and worship during evening hours. Those who plan to join the conference are advised to register through www.overflowafrica.com