Chorale Saint Paul Kicukiro to host ‘spectacular’ live gospel show 

Kicukiro based Catholic choir, Saint Paul, is set to thrill music lovers with extraordinary classical music and exotic waltzes.

The festive season’s curtain-raiser is scheduled for 6 pm on December 11, at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village.

Dubbed, ‘Great classic concert,’ the show will feature the most popular musical genres in Western countries, such as waltzes and works of art.

One of the most influential dances, the waltz first appeared in modern Germany and Austria between the 13th and 18th centuries. It then made its way into modern ballrooms, revolutionising dance fashion and becoming one of the most popular dances on the planet.

The choir president, Denis Nizeyimana, said the Great classic concert will be unique and it will be a special time for the choir to meet music lovers.

“The show is our opportunity to offer such wonderful classical music. We will perform in a fantastical way that is not popular in the country. The choir will show its uniqueness,” the president said.

St. Paul was founded in 2009 by Eric Nzabamwita, a Priest of St Jean Bosco Kicukiro. Today, the choir consists of more than 100 members and has produced more than 20 songs, both audio and video.

Some of its songs include Rwandan Waltz, Mariya ni umubyeyi w’abakene, Umubyeyi uturutira abandi, Rukundo wanjye among others.

In addition, the choir is known for its classic music that they produced  for local football clubs including Gasogi United, Rayon Sports and APR FC.

Nizeyimana invites music lovers to the show, promising a night to remember.

Participants will pay Rwf 5,000 for regular, Rwf 10,000 for VIP and Rwf 25,000 for VVIP.