Rise and Shine world gospel talent search goes countrywide 

The organisers of the gospel-based singing competition titled ‘Rise and Shine World Gospel Talent Hunt’ have taken the event to all provinces across the country as they launched its second edition.

This year’s competition comes with changes where participants will be required to pay registration fees.

Each contestant is required to pay Rwf 5,000 to register, groups of less than 5 people will pay Rwf 15,000, and choirs or ministries will pay Rwf 25,000.

Also, the prize money for the overall winner has been increased to Rwf 10 million, while the runners-up will receive Rwf 3 million and 2 million respectively.

In addition to financial prizes, the winners will serve as ambassadors for the ministry and will represent the country in the Rise and Shine World talent hunt international in 2024. 

Each eligible contestant should be above16 years old and should be a Christian in any denomination.

Unlike previous contests which targeted the City of Kigali, this year’s event will cover all four provinces of the country, providing opportunities for many participants.

The gospel talent hunt competition is organised by Rise and shine world Inc. in partnership with Jam Global Events, and is hosted by Irera Rehoboth Group Ltd. The 2023 Rise and Shine World talent hunt will also include Kenya and Australia.

According to Australia-Based Rwandan Bishop, Justin Alain, the competition is a wide-ranging initiative that will bring together many contestants from around the world to discover different talents by 2024.

Alain is the founder of Rehoboth Divine Healing church and the Rise and Shine World Ministry.

“The winners of this competition will help us expand the kingdom of God,” Justin said, adding that he believes the initiative will have a positive impact on the Rwandan gospel ministry.
The bishop believes that in addition to financial support, the contest will open doors for participants, such as networking and sharpening their talents.   

The talent discovery show was officially kicked off on October 8 and 9 in Kayonza district, with a total of 50 contestants participating. Only 22 contestants were given the green light for the next race.

The pre-selection jury includes Mrs. Bishop Justin Marlene, Peace Hoziyana, Annette Murava, journalist Eddy Kamoso and Eddy Mico.

2023 National RSW talent hunt competition first triangle full schedule;

The pre-selection roadmap is as follows:

8 and 9 October: Kayonza (Eastern Province)
15 and 16 October: Musanze (Northern Province)
22 and 23 October: Rubavu (Western Province)
 29 and 30 October: Rusizi (Western Province)
5 and 6 November: Kigali (the City of Kigali)
 12 and 13 November: Huye (Southern Province)

Pictures: Pre-selection day in Kayonza