PICTURES: CityLight Foursquare Church installs new pastors, missionaries, evangelists, elders and deacons

By Frederic Byumvuhore

CityLight Foursquare Gospel Church on Sunday October 2, 2022, held a flashy ceremony to ordain pastors, missionaries, evangelists, church elders and deacons as the church works to expand its evangelistic work nationwide and overseas.

The ceremony was held at the church’s premises in Kimironko, Gasabo district and was graced by some government officials including Esperance Nyirasafari, the Senate Vice President in charge of Parliamentary Affairs, Pauline Umwali, Gasabo District Executive Administrator, Esperance Mukamana, the Director-General of Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority, church leaders from different denominations, local and foreign believers, families and friends of ordained members among others.

The decreed pastors include assistants to senior pastors at CityLight Foursquare church in Kimironko and others who will serve in the church’s parishes operating in upcountry.

Before they were anointed with oil on their heads while kneeling down in front of the congregation, the members who were decreed for various responsibilities publicly declared their vows to serve the church with obedience to senior leaders, respecting the church’s internal rules, honesty and sincerity.

The new assistant pastors to support the pastors in leadership and administrative roles at Foursquare church in Kimironko include Solange Nyirashimwe Masengo, the wife of the Church’s Senior Pastor, Bishop Fidele Masengo, musician Benjamin Serugo and Justin Rushikama.

In addition, pastors including Noel Nkundimana and Rene Bigaraba will serve the church parish in the Western province whereas Mathieu Gatungo, Athanase Gasana, and Eugenie Mukabutera will serve in the Eastern province.  Pastor Theopiste Semahoro will serve in the Northern Province.

Apostolic missionaries include Ev. James Huduma, Alice Nkunda and Scovia Muzirankoni.

Presiding over the ordination ceremony, the senior pastor of the church, Bishop Dr. Fidele Masengo, read the scripture in Romans 8:30, Ephesians 4:11-12 and Deuteronomy 34:9 as he officially opened the ordination.

Masengo explained five complementary ministries in the church that people were called to undertake including apostleship, evangelism, prophet, teachers and shepherds.

He noted that these ministries are responsibilities or roles not titles, shedding light on people’s misconception about comparison between church ministries where they debate on superiority and inferiority. He cleared that none is better than the other since they are all equal but different.

Masengo urged pastors to humble themselves, honour and serve only God, the creator of Heaven and Earth.

He cautioned leaders who separate congregations instead of uniting them and bringing them to Christ.

“Your work is to build the church not your names or steal other church members. Avoid conflicts of titles. We are messengers. You need to be characterised by hard working, preaching good news, teamwork, discipline, and a loving heart,” Masengo added.

Speaking at the ceremony, Pauline Umwali, Gasabo District Executive Administrator, highlighted the remarkable contribution of faith-based organisations, in achieving the country’ vision and sustainable development goals.

In regards to the health sector, Umwali commended the church on supporting vulnerable families to subscribe to health insurance as well as promoting education for children from less privileged families.

Reflecting on the times of the pandemic, the district executive administrator thanked churches for mobilising the general community to observe the measures that were put in place including mass vaccination.

“Churches are good partners of the government. Through healing messages, the church helps the government have peaceful and obedient citizens who comply with laws. People who fear God are good citizens. You build souls and minds. When families live in peace, it helps the country achieve its vision and goals,” she noted.

To the ordained pastors, Umwali termed them as ‘Intore,’ who find solutions for themselves instead of shouting over problems.

Umwali reiterated the government’s commitment to keep constant partnership with the church and urged the pastors to be characterised by Rwandan values so that they build a safe and healthy community.