Bishop Douglas Kigabo releases new video song ‘Ikibazo’

Bishop Douglas Kigabo recently released a new video song, Ikibazo, featuring local renowned worshippers Bonnke Mbonigaba of True Promises Ministries and Alex Nkomezi of Rehoboth and Gisubizo Ministries.
The song talks about the genealogical curse and how it can only be overcome through the cross of Jesus Christ.

According to Kigabo, the inspiration for the song initially arose in 2017, as a result of a sermon delivered by the Apostle Joshua Masasu during a family crusade held in Kimisagara.

In the sermon, the preacher talked about the works of the devil and how curses were passed down from generation to generation.

Later, Kigabo, as one of the participants, approached the preacher and asked if he could provide a summary of the sermon, which he provided courteously.

“The sermon encouraged me to delve into the genealogical curse throughout the Bible and how to get rid of it completely,” Kigabo explained.

The Bishop finally discovered that the Cross of Jesus Christ is the only ‘remedy’ that can help someone escape the curse of genealogy. He consequently decided to write a song to depict this.

“On the beautiful cross of my beloved, I have found legal provision for my justification in every area. His blood became my strength. Now, I live in a country that is protected by God Himself and have no fear of drought, because rain is a blessing flowing from the Holy place,” the lyrics go.

Bishop Kigabo is the president of Rehoboth ministries, which was founded in 1994 and was initially affiliated with Restoration Church. The Ministry is currently affiliated with the Wells Salvation Church in Kimironko.

He is an author and songwriter. Along with his family, he currently lives in Ethiopia for work purposes.

Together with his wife, they have released different songs, including Ndi ku munara and Reka ndirimbe. The duo has promised to release a debut album in the near future.