Canada: Gospel Singer Nkurunziza Shares his music experience in the Diaspora

Like many other gospel singers, Patrick Nkurunziza developed his singing talent from Sunday school, church choir and worship team.

In 2014, Nkurunziza turned to solo music shortly after leaving Rwanda to India, where he pursued studies in computer applications at Bharathiar University. Later in 2018, he moved to Ottawa, Canada, where he currently works for a telecommunications company, BELL.

In an interview with Gospel Time, the 35-year-old singer shared his musical experience in the Diaspora.

Nkurunziza said making music in Diaspora is a bit challenging due to the audience and the high cost of music production.

“Singing in your native language to a foreign audience is a challenge. I plan to start composing in English to reach a wider audience,” the singer explained.

He added that music production abroad costs a lot more than in Rwanda.

Nkurunziza said his products are not popular because he has yet to meet his fans in Rwanda in order for them to worship together in person.

He is primarily inspired by scriptures and life situations when making music. For him, singing is another way of preaching, warning, and repentance.

“We serve God’s Kingdom with different talents. When we worship according to God’s will, it is a kind of serving the Kingdom of God. The songs we sing affect people’s lives. So, we need to sing a life-changing message,” he added.

During his eight years as a solo artist, Nkurunziza has released three videos: Ku mugongo, Nyakubahwa, Turi mu rungendo, and four audio songs, including Ibuye, Gitare, Nuhamagara and Amakamba.