Gospel personalities mourn over singer Precious Gisele’s death. Here is her latest exclusive interview with us

Gospel personalities are mourning the sudden death of Gisele Precious Nsabimana who died on Thursday, 15th September 2022 at Gisenyi Hospital.

Gisele Nsabimana was among talented female artistes in the country that could have a good future in ministry.

Commonly known as Gisele Precious her stage name, the gospel musician, has ministered in different live performances on invitations of choirs. She has performed both in the country and abroad.

The singer was born in Kigali, in a family of 7 children. She is the fifth born of Pastor Phillip Nsabimana and Florentine Nyiranzanira.

She attended school at Kinunga Primary in Gikondo, from where she joined Nyamata Technical Secondary School, for a Computer Electronics studies.

Nsabimana had a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from St. Lawrence University in Kampala, Uganda.

Here is her latest exclusive interview the late singer had with Gospel Time.

The Interview:

Tell us about your music and motivation?

From childhood, I grew up with the love to sing and play musical instruments. I grew in a Christian family. It was a musical family too. I started writing songs when I was still in the youth choir, continuing till I joined a worship team at the church, ADEPR Gatenga. I was inspired to speak about the Kingdom of God through music. At the time, I told my father about my sensation to do music. He encouraged me. At the starting point, I really appreciated the ambiance in serving God.

I started performing as an artiste in 2017.

So far, how many songs have you composed?

Until now, I have released one album titled, “Imbaraga.” It is composed of 5 songs. I have also started a project to release the second one under the name, “Lead me”.

Which gospel artistes inspire you and why?

They are many. The main reason is that their mission is to spread the word of God in Truth and in Spirit. My best inspiring artiste is Brooke Fraser.

What has impressed you about the gospel industry in Rwanda in your two years of experience?

Today, people are embracing gospel music. They are supportive to gospel artistes and I was impressed by how people appreciate gospel related songs. This shows how the message contributes to their lives.

What is your vision in the gospel industry in Rwanda and in the region?

Our country had a dark past and faced hardships. My vision is to comfort Rwandans through music as God commends in the book of Isaiah 40:1. “Comfort, comfort my people.”

What are some of your memorable performances?

I have been performing during various occasions in church, and at concerts. There are four memorable performances that made me happy and thankful to God. The shows include Rabagirana Worship festival by Christian Communication; Groove Awards Rwanda; and Himbaza live concert by True Promises Ministries, and one more I did in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What was your experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

Once in the neighboring country, I learnt a lot. I met with various experienced worshippers. Also, I was glad to see how the audience appreciated my performance. My intention was to spread good news.

Where do you see the future of gospel industry in Rwanda?

Everyone in the industry is working hard to achieve their dreams in the kingdom of God. There is a development and I believe that if all artistes act under God’s will, no doubt that the gospel industry will reach the high level.

How do you get inspiration for your songs?

Through scriptures and prayers.

How do you balance your music career and job?

My work starts Monday to Friday. Weekend is when I focus on my music.

What are some of your future plans in your music career?

On this year’s calendar, I am looking forward to expanding my music through concerts and release of new album.

I am working on the second album “Lead me”, both audios and Video. Also, I am organizing a concert dubbed “Imbaraga Live Concert” in Rubavu in June.

What is your message to fellow gospel artistes and gospel enthusiasts?

My message is in the book of John 9:4 that “As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work”. Everyone should work to spread good news so that the world should feel and enjoy the goodness of our God.