Gospel artistes applaud ‘Igicaniro concert series’ for bringing musicians together

The recently established monthly gospel show, ‘Igicaniro concert series’ in Kigali has begun to bear fruits for participants to promote their products and network with other artistes.  

This is great news for gospel music lovers and musicians themselves, who have been dreaming of seeing solid collaborations between upcoming and renowned gospel artistes.

The Igicaniro concert series was born out of the vision of the musician and worship minister, Olivier Kavutse in partnership with RG Consult- a local event managing company, to build capacity and teamwork between upcoming and senior gospel artistes in the country.

The monthly event, held on the first Sunday of each month, kicked off on September 4. Luc Buntu and Olivier Manzi (known as Olivier the Legend) were the first artistes to headline the show.

Luc Buntu on stage

A few days after the show, Luc Buntu expressed his gratitude about the show on his Facebook page.

Buntu shared a picture with Olivier Manzi in a Facebook post and wrote: “After Sharing the stage at the Igicaniro Concert, I was blessed to share a cup of tea with my brother Olivier Manzi to encourage each other and discuss future ministry plans. This has a lot in his heart.”

Luc Buntu is well-known for different hit songs such as Iyo ataba Uwiteka, Ntutinye, Tukumenye, Uniongoze, Duhimbaze, Shimwa Mana among others. He has had an impact on the gospel music scene in Rwanda and the region.

The artiste has participated in a variety of gospel music events, including the National Thanksgiving Festival, locally known as Rwanda Shima Imana, Africa Let’s Worship (AFLEWO), an annual interdenominational event, among many others.

Buntu describes the young talented Manzi as an artiste God will use to do great works.

Manzi is a promising talent as a gospel artiste. He is known for his best praise and worship songs, including  Icyo yavuze, Wowe gusa, Ingofero and Gira Neza ft Uncle Austin.

Before joining music as a solo artiste in 2013, he had worked with church choirs and worship teams. 

Singer Manzi said in an interview with Gospel Time that the Igicaniro concert series is a blessing from God, especially for the upcoming young artistes.

“I am happy to serve with Luc Buntu. I personally like his music. I tried to meet him many times without success, but fortunately Igicaniro brought us together. We are best friends now, and I believe God who brought us together will also enable us to do more together in the future,” he noted.

Olivier Kavutse