Meet Zabron and Deborah, US-based Rwandan couple joining the gospel music scene

Zabron Ndikumukiza and his wife Deborah Mugisha recently released their debut song Ineza y’ Imana (the Goodness of God) as they began their musical journey as a couple.

The couple currently lives in America. They decided to carry out their calling as a family after some years serving in various choirs.

On the other hand, Ndikumukiza has been singing as a solo artiste and has released two songs: Ntuhinduka and Ubuntu bw’ Imana.

According to Ndikumukiza, their decision to sing together as a couple was a way of working together as a family to serve God.

“We started singing a long time ago even before we got married as wife and husband. We had been singing in the ADEPR church. Our calling and unity prompted us to embark on a musical journey as a couple,” he explained.

Ndikumukiza prayed a lot for his family after walking down the aisle in 2020, and God answered his prayers, he said. So the couple composed Ineza y ‘Imana to thank God for the great things he has done for the family.

He explained that their first song sends a message to all who have God’s promises that they should keep their faith in God and never give up.

“God keeps His promises for thousands of years. We remind everyone that what God says He will keep for many years. God never deceives. God is trustworthy. He will keep his promises to fulfilment,” the singer added.

The audio of the Ineza y’Imana song was produced by Nicolas and Josue Shimwe, who also worked on various projects with the couple, while producers Kavomo and Fleury Legend produced the video.