Chryso Ndasingwa: An upcoming worship leader making Bible-based music

By Carine Ndahiro

Over the years, Rwanda’s Gospel music sector has seen many gifted musicians who have graced the believers with amazing songs.

Names like Richard Ngendahayo, Aime Uwimana, Patient Bizimana and Simon Kabera are some of those that feature on the long list of the singers that have made a mark in the country’s worship music arena.

Today, many new singers are rising to make their own contribution to the Kingdom of God, and among these is Chryso Ndasingwa.

Currently congregating at New Life Bible Church, Ndasingwa is the artiste behind songs like “Mubwihisho,” “Ndakwihaye,” and “Wakinguye ijuru.”

Though he started singing earlier on, he only launched his professional music career last year as he recorded his first song “Mubwihisho” based on Psalm 91.

He is a talented vocalist, pianist, guitarist and song writer who bases his songs on scriptures.

In normal life, he is a student of theology at University, and a trainer of music.

You can find his songs on YouTube and Spotify.