CYAYAH ministry organises inter-religious women gathering

CHAYAH Ministry has organised a three-day national revival conference slated from 26-28 August at Christian Life Assembly (CLA) in Nyarutarama starting at 3 pm.

Birthed in 2019 under the leadership of New Life Bible Church, Chayah is a revival drive of women in Rwanda, who are willing to pursue the heart of God for their Nation and beyond.

It is a movement of women leaders from different churches committed to gathering people of all backgrounds from Rwanda and other nations, irrespective of their race, languages, culture, and age, to pursue the move of God in our days.

Chayah is a Hebrew word meaning, Revive or Live again.

Cyayah gatherings aim at awakening women in Rwanda and beyond, through fellowships, intercessions, soul winning and massive gatherings to encounter God’s presence.

The theme of this edition of the conference was taken from the book of Judges 5:7, “Arise Rwandan Mother.”

According to Pastor Florence Mugisha, the conference is for all denominations and the country at large.

“Chayah gathering is the work that God put in my heart long ago, but I was not confident enough to act upon it then. This is the right time to implement the initiative,” she said.

Mugisha explained that God assigned her to pray for revival in the country so that every person will seek God with their entire hearts beyond Sunday services or denominations.

Different ministers including artistes, pastors, bishops, and intercessors will take part in the gathering.

“The conference is for all women, girls – young and old, boys and men because revival never separates people,” she added.