Africa Haguruka 2022: Apostle Dr. Gitwaza unveils global prayer mountain in Kigali

Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza has announced that the 23rd edition of Africa Arise and Shine conference, locally known as Africa Haguruka, will take place at the newly established and promised prayer mountain ‘Mount Hermon.’

Located at the Hill of Giheka in Kagugu cell, Kinyinya sector, the prayer mountain is about 12 miles from the Kigali International Airport.

Gitwaza, the founder of Authentic World Ministries and Zion Temple Celebration Centre, shared the information while addressing the media on Wednesday, August 10 in Kigali ahead of the preparations of the annual Christian conference slated for August 14 -20 under a theme, “Africa, stretch out your hands to God.”

Mountain Hermon is described in the book of Psalms 133:1-3 where King David compared God’s people living together in unity to the dew of Mount Hermon falling on Mount Zion. David compared the refreshing dew of Hermon to the blessings of unity in Israel, from north to south. Harmony among God’s people is life-giving.

According to Apostle Gitwaza, the Hermon Mount at the hill of Giheka was revealed to him some years ago as a blessed and dwelling place for all believers around the world.

“This year’s edition is very special in regards to the location. Our conference would take place in different locations, but this year we will host it on our own promised place,” he noted.

Gitwaza added: “God revealed to me the mountain some years ago. It was a forest and there were no roads. Yet, God told me that the place would be a centre and dwelling place for all believers across the world. We believe that many promises will be fulfilled on this mountain.”

On this site, there are plans to build different premises including a church and Bible studies school. It will be a sacred mount to proclaim blessings upon the world. As a promised mountain, there is a plan to build an altar for the world.

For the past two years, the event was held virtually in line with observing measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 that prohibited public gatherings.

Alongside Africa Haguruka national coordinator, Pastor Robert Runazi and Claudine Biribuze, Diaspora coordinator, Ap. Gitwaza explained that since its inception in August 2008, the initiative has been bearing fruits in changing the mind-sets of Africans, shaping lives of young generations, women and men who are active in various spheres such as family, education, business, leadership, church and media.

Gitwaza explained that the overall objective of Africa Haguruka is aligned with the mind-set change of Africans in order to seek and obey God who is the only one to enable them bring a holistic development on the continent that has been lagging behind on the globe.

“The conference was born to awaken Africans on the continent and in the diaspora, to arise and live Christ-centred lives and play their pivotal roles in the transformation of our beautiful continent. Long ago, Africans were considered ‘handicapped’ but today, we have grown up and are educated. We can now take decisions about our continent but this requires change of mind-set,” he noted.

The conference will feature summits at Zion Temple Celebration Centre, Gatenga, every day from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm and later in the afternoon starting from 4 pm to 8 pm revival conferences will be held at Hermon Prayer Mountain in Kagugu cell, Kinyinya sector.

The conference brings together several attendees and seasoned speakers from different parts of the world.

The event will be broadcast on different radio and TV stations including Authentic Radio and TV, and will be live-streamed on YouTube and other social media platforms.

This week Apostle Dr. Gitwaza together with ZTCC family  visited the newly unveiled prayer mountain, Mount Hermon.