Grace Room Ministries partners with Remera sector to fight teen pregnancies and drug abuse

Grace Room Ministries has partnered with the administration of Remera sector to organise a one-day crusade to educate the public about tackling teen pregnancies, drug abuse and more of such challenges that affect the youth.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, August 13 from 1pm to 5pm at Good Shepherd School in Nyabisindu, a Kigali suburb.

Founded by Pastor Julienne Kabirigi Kabanda in 2018, Grace Room Ministries is a faith-based non-profit organisation that aims at bringing people to Christ and reaching out to the world with love and compassion.

Ahead of the event, organisers met the media on Monday to explain more about it.

Pastor Julienne Kabanda noted that this year the ministry decided to make the event an open air crusade to reach out to many people, unlike previous sessions where they were invited to church.

Reflecting on the outcomes of the previous crusades, Kabanda said that a big number of young people was transformed although more efforts are still needed to eradicate teen pregnancies and drug abuse.

“We believe that what we are doing makes impact to the lives of our young people. We preach the word of God and we see God doing His work to transform his people,” she said.

“Despite the efforts invested in curbing teen pregnancies and drug abuse, we see some young people addicted to drugs, and also there is a rise in teen pregnancies. We should continue the exposing consequences of such practices, to save our young people,” she added.

Various local singers and pastors will grace the crusade. Among the activities at the event will be awarding best young people and parents who will show good knowledge about the problem of drug abuse and teen pregnancies issues.

Grace Room Ministries strives to spread Good news to the world, fund young entrepreneurs as well as sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. The ministry also supports vulnerable people by providing medical-care, food, shelter, and clothing.