Gentil Misigaro talks about his new song, European tour

Canada-based gospel singer Gentil Misigaro has revealed that his latest song, “Nzagutegereza” was written by his lovely wife, Rhoda Mugiraneza. The song is featured on the artiste’s third album, Amashimwe.

Misigaro explained that the song carries a message of courage.

“This song reminds us that we should never be discouraged by life’s challenges. It may happen when the Lord seems quiet, but that doesn’t mean He has abandoned you. Of course, God will deliver you if you stay where He wants you to be,” the singer noted.

The couple described the struggles of the world caused by the enemy, saying that no matter what the world threw at them, they would stay in God’s presence waiting for Him.

“I know that just because you seem quiet doesn’t mean you have abandoned me. Nothing can stop my relief,” the lyrics read.

The artiste also spoke about his “World Tour” which aims to promote Amashimwe Album as well as meeting gospel music lovers.

Following his previous tours in Canada and other parts of the United States of America, Misigaro plans to continue touring from late July and August in parts of Europe, including Germany, UK and Belgium.

Misigaro is a gospel musician, song writer, producer, music trainer, and has learnt classical and contemporary music. He is known for his songs such as Hano ku Isi, Buri Munsi, Biratungana, Tuzanezerwa, among others.