PICTURES: Church of the Nazarene Remera gets new leadership

Church of the Nazarene International, Remera Parish has installed three pastors named: Pastor Jacques Niyonsaba, who was appointed Senior Pastor of the church, Pastor Dieudonne Mbonigaba and Pastor Marceline Muhimakazi.

The Church leaders were installed in a colourful ceremony on Saturday, July 2 at the Nazarene Church Hall in Remera.

The pastoral installation service was witnessed by local leaders, church leaders, families and friends.

Rev. Pastor Zaburon Habimana, the Legal Representative of the church of the Nazarene Rwanda, who presided over the installation ceremony, reminded the installed pastors of their great mission to proclaim the gospel of Christ and to make Christ-like disciples in the nations, which reflects the main mission of the church.

“The mission of the new pastors is to bring people to Christ and work to improve the welfare of the people they lead,” Habimana noted.

He added that new leaders need to rely on Biblical truth and respect God’s will, adding that other teachings of the church include peace, compassion, unity and reconciliation.

Speaking at the installation ceremony, Deo Rugabirwa, Executive Secretary of Remera sector, highlighted the role of the Church of the Nazarene in supporting the transformation of people’s welfare, noting that the sector remains committed to ensuring that the partnership between government and Faith-Based Organisations continues to flourish.

Jacques Niyonsaba, the senior pastor of the Church of the Nazarene Remera, thanked God for new leadership. He vowed to follow the mission of the church to raise Christ-like disciples into nations.

“We have a responsibility to maintain the mission of the church as well as God’s great Commission to bring the gospel to the unreached and to make Christ-like disciples,” he said.

The senior pastor added that they would work with the church council to ensure the transformation of the spiritual life and welfare of church members and Rwandans.

“Every church leader should be humble and obedient. Church leaders should not delude themselves into thinking that they are Kings and not servants of those in their care,” he noted.

The Church of the Nazarene is a Protestant Christian Church with roots in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition founded in 1908.

Today, the church has more than 2.5 million members worldwide who worship in over 30, 000 local congregations in 164 world areas.

In Rwanda, the church was founded in 1997 by missionaries. It now has more than 14,000 members from 72 parishes.