Worshipper Sarah Dusabe testifies to the power of Jesus’ Name in her new song

When you listen to the lyrics of Sarah Dusabe’s latest song titled “Yesu,” you get the sense that the singer has experienced the goodness of God.

Dusabe, who is currently a member of Christian Life Assembly church (CLA) in Nyarutarama started her journey as a recording artiste only recently, and she has only two songs to her name.

However,  her singing career can be traced to as far back as 2004 when she was part of a worship team and drama team in her local church until 2020 when she decided to go the studio.

Her debut song titled “Ndagushima” came out in 2020, aimed at thanking God for saving her life from death, having experienced a critical situation where she lost her first baby during a complicated premature delivery.

Not long after that, God granted her another child, and this stirred her up to sing a song of praise to Him.

Last month, she returned with a second song titled “Yesu,” which is also a testimony of what The Lord has done in her life – giving her peace, and breaking the chains that used to hold her.

“I used to have nightmares and fear coming from the devil. But Jesus stopped all that. My song talks about how great The Name of Jesus is. It’s stronger than all forces, all demons, all darkness,” she noted during an interview with Gospel Times.

It’s lyrics video was released last month, and the official video is now out as well. You can check it out and be encouraged.

The song refers to Jesus as the Father of orphans, the husband to the widows, and it encourages people who are heavy laden to trust Him because He is strong and compassionate to save them.