Only about 5 months after releasing the awe-inspiring “Ntamba Kure” worship song which topped Gospel Times’ list of worship songs of 2021, local music group Elayone music has returned with yet another passionate worship song: “Ntawe usa Nawe.”

Premiered today, June 17, via YouTube, the song is one that passionate worshipers should look for, as it adores God, pointing out the fact that there is no one like Him.

“Who has ever followed You and trusted You, and was put to shame? Who has ever accepted You, surrendered all to You, and was disappointed? You are God, You are Powerful, You are Love, You are Peace, You are Joy, You are all. Jesus, there is no one like You,” run some of the lyrics.

Elayone is a go-to group if you are looking for music that will inspire your soul to worship God, surrendering to Him, and melt under His Mercy, Love and faithfulness, as you think about how great He is and how faithful and true He is to us all.

Though they keep a low profile, the team’s passionate and music is authentic and doing a great job in the souls of lovers of God.

Founded in 2007 as a small prayer group, Elayone Music have about 10 tracks to their name, including the popular “None Urabikoze.”

Serge Sangwa, the leader of the group says that the band has many written songs, which they hope to record.

“We hope that worship will become a lifestyle among individuals and families all over the country. We hope that with God’s Grace, our music will be authentic, filled with God’s power to save people,” he told The New Times in an interview earlier this year.

Full lyrics of “Ntawe usa nawe”:


Ninde wigeze kugukurikira, akakwizera, Wakozwe n’ isoni? Ntawe. Ninde wigeze kukwemera, Akaguha ibye byose, wikoreye amaboko? Uri imana, Uri imbaraga, Uri urukundo, Uri amahoro, Uri ibyishimo, Uri byose, Yesuuu.


Ntawundi usa nawe eeehhh eeeeh*** Urera Urera Urera Urera*** Ntawundi usa nawe Mu mbaraga n’amahoro Ntawundi usa nawe Mu rukundo n’imbabazi Chorus Ntawe usa nawe***


Ntawe usa nawe*** chorus