VIDEO: Twin Gospel Singers, Erica and Jessica release new song

Twin sisters, Erica and Jessica are thankful for God’s love and goodness. The talented gospel worshipers have expressed their heartfelt recognition of God’s love with a new song called, “Mutima Wanjye Shima” (My heart, praise).

Erica and Jessica are Burundians currently living in Kigali. The Duo grew up in a Christian family and their music talent was identified at a young age when they became part of Sunday school at church. Over time, they joined the choir and worship team, becoming worship leaders.

Ahead of the release of their new song, the duo held a press conference in Kigali to announce their latest track and share their music journey as well.

Mutima Wanjye Shima” is the twin’s sixth song. It carries a message that reminds people of God’s love to save sinners. The message was taken from Psalm 103:2, “Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits.”

The artists explained that the “Mutima Wanjye Shima” song, though just being released, was composed long ago.

“The song is a reminder. We should not forget what the Lord has done for us. We wrote this song a few years ago. It was in a different style and context than it is today. We noticed that it lacked something important, which was the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,” said one of the twins.

Erica and Jessica faced an ordeal and were frustrated by the situation. But the Holy Spirit reminds them that no matter what they experience, they have many reasons to continue thanking God.

Jessica said: “Sometimes we face situations and lose hope and thought, but the suffering of the world should not make us forget that our Lord is mighty. Our Lord is, ever was and always will be. Nothing can separate us from His love and care. Let us praise the Lord.”

Mutima Wanjye Shima is a song that creates deep fellowship between the heart and the Holy Spirit.

Music career

Erica and Jessica studied in Uganda and India. In their study life, they also got a chance to grow their singing talent. In India, they formed a worship team called “Healing Voice” and invited two other worshipers to join them, though the plan was to act as a duo.

Their worship team has since been invited to serve at various conferences.

After graduating from college, Jessica and Erica returned to Africa to join their family in Kigali.

In 2015, the twins had a plan to launch their music career as artistes; however, their plan was unsuccessful. So they held on until 2021.

“From 2015 to 2021, we took time to pray and ask God if it was time to start our music career. After nearly six years, we felt it was God’s time to start recording our songs. In 2021, we recorded the first song named, “Umunyenkomezi,” they said.

“We did not have a musical background and our expectations were low, but surprisingly, our song became more popular.”

The duo went on explaining that they draw inspiration from dreams and the word of God.

“Our songs are Biblical. We do not sing our emotions; we release them separately according to the Holy Spirit’s direction,” they said.

Erica and Jessica say constant communion with God is the only secret to staying in the calling.

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