Tanzanian Gospel Star Muhando in Kigali for Pentecost celebration

Renowned Tanzanian Gospel Star, Rose Muhando, arrived in Kigali on Tuesday MAY 31, to attend the Pentecost celebration week scheduled for June 1 to 5.

The five-day celebration was organised by Foursquare Gospel church, which is led by Bishop Dr. Fidele Masengo.

The celebration, which is set to take place at the church venue in Kimironko, will begin on Wednesday during the Agatatu service from 2 pm-Canon Dr. Antoine Rutayisire, will be the main preacher of the day.

Upon her arrival, Muhando, alongside Foursquare church Senior Pastor Masengo, hosted a press conference where they addressed various topics related to the day of Pentecost, Church and the singer’s personal life and music career.

Masengo explained that Pentecost day marks the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, the birth of the church and the completion of God’s promises about the Holy Spirit.

He said that Pentecost is a major event for the church, and this year is a special celebration after two years of Covid-19.  “We look forward to seeing change, healing and acceptance of Jesus Christ.”

According to Bishop, this second reception of Muhando in church will play an important role in reaching out to many people from all walks of life.

“Muhando has long been our friend. The first time we met was on an evangelical trip in Mwanza, Tanzania, where she performed. From that day we connected. I used to know her for her singing, but I have never met her. The second time, she was in Kigali and we had the privilege of receiving her in our church, and a lot of people were happy for her,” he added.

Muhando is popular for her inspiring songs. Her music is everywhere, even on the street.

Masengo added that because of her popularity and influence, bringing her here would play an important role in attracting many people.

Muhando said her evangelical trip to Rwanda was a blessing.


“I’m glad to be here for the second time. Not because I am better than anyone else, but because everything happens in God’s will. I am here to play my part in expanding the Kingdom of God. When I met Bishop in Mwanza, I never thought of coming here, but it was God’s plan,” she noted.

The singer added: “I believe God will do something new in this celebration week.  God can’t bring us together for no reason, there is His plan. I am grateful for all Rwandans. I am happy that my songs came to Rwanda before I did. For that, I believe they prepared a way for me.”

New song, collabos, music crises

Muhando also revealed that during her stay in the country, she will work with Aime Frank, a local gospel artiste, on a new song. “I prefer working with him (Frank) because he loves my songs. I want to support him to reach where God wants him to be.”

In addition, Muhando plans to release her new song titled, “Tuipakue Asali ya Kanani,” this Wednesday.

Asked about her marriage, Muhando explained that she is not married, though she has three children.

The singer also reacted to the various crises she has experienced in her music career, where her calling has been for the most part tarnished by the media. For instance, at some point, she was said to have been linked to negative acts such as drug abuse, abortion, sexual harassment among other fraud allegations which she refuted.