CHOGM 2022: What Christians think about the summit

As the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting (CHOGM) is just around the corner, Rwandan Christians have spoken out about what they think in regards to the fact that their country will be hosting it, and the expectations that they have.

The event will take place in Kigali from June 20-25.

Have a look at the thoughts of the Christians that talked to The Gospel Time about this issue:

 Pastor Dieudonne Mbonigaba, Nazarene church Remera

The only thing that I can remember about Rwanda related to this CHOGM is God’s love for Rwanda. He once told Israel (Zion) that He never sleeps or is quiet until it shines. Aimée Uwimana said that “ABO KU MPERA Z’ISI BOSE BABONYE AGAKIZA KACU, BATI KOKO U RWANDA RUFITE IMANA.” I can see this as the fulfillment of that promise.


Pastor Gaudin MUTAGOMA, Noble Family church

Hosting such a summit is to open the door of opportunities for Rwandans  and Rwanda. I believe it is the answer to the Prayers of those who prayed for the Country to prosper and also it is the results to the  Hard working of our Leadership led by H.E Paul Kagame.


Fabrice Nzeyimana, Christian Life Assembly (CLA)

As Christians, ours is to seek the welfare of the city where we live, and pray to the Lord on its behalf. We are also instructed in the scriptures to pray for our leaders. When we see a meeting like CHOGM taking place in Rwanda, we can only praise God; for this would never be possible without peace and prosperity. This is indeed a blessing from the Lord and the fruit of our leaders’ hard work and diligence.

Kwizera Samuel , New Life Bible Church

As Rwandans, the opportunity to have CHOGM in Rwanda is something to be grateful for . First of all, infrastructure improvements have gone in a direction that is good for us. If tourism sector works well, it will gain markets and future customers as well as bringing more economic benefits to the country as a whole. Does the meeting bring opportunities for the body of Christ? A good question for every Christian to ask themselves.


Apostle Mutabazi Maurice Eglise de la Quatrième Dimension

In Psalms 133, the Lord commends the blessings of nations through political unity. Second, CHOGM is a shadow of the prophetic message that Rwandans received after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, and that many nations will come to learn from us in science and technology. It’s prophetic, the whole world is coming our way.


Elsa Muhayimana, Yesu Araje Choir

Rwanda is privileged to host this grand summit, which is a real opportunity to showcase the products made in Rwanda and even the beauty of our country on a personal level. As well as our deacons do, let’s invest in the hospitality of our churches. We expect that our churches will receive many visitors and they will be eager to know how we worship.


John Kerry Iradukunda, Seventh-Day Adventist

Rwanda and Rwandans have a great opportunity to host the CHOGM Summit in Rwanda. This would be an excellent opportunity for Rwanda to strengthen its experience in hosting major international conferences. Rwanda is ready to embrace economic, political, cultural and other opportunities provided by this opportunity.


Caleb Uwagaba Joseph, Bethesda Holy Church  

CHOGM means a lot to Rwandans, especially to the Christian community. We always pray to God for peace, development and good leadership. Hosting such an important summit as a country with a painful and dark past as a result of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi is testament to the progress that the country has made so far. This is a good step to continue to support the government and pray that God will protect us and our achievements.