Did God Fail his Mission in Christ?


This is not a bait question or a useless one to ponder. We need to consider questions like this since they can allow us to examine our belief about God’s intention of sending Jesus Christ to earth.

Recently, I was a guest on Church O’clock, a show hosted by Beck Esther on KU TV. We had a good conversation about what Easter means and many more. Still, one of the questions I was asked stayed on my mind: “What does Jesus’ death guarantee to us as Christians?” It may sound like a simple question, but unfortunately, we as Christians don’t share the same answer.

There is a camp of believers who say Christ’s death guarantees our salvation and another camp that says it guarantees our salvation and our health and wealth. I would like to invite you to consider with me the logical implication of the belief in the latter camp.

If our God is all-powerful and all-able, this means whatever he sets out to do, he will accomplish, and nothing will stand against his plan. And if God set out to bring Christ to come and die for our salvation plus our health and wealth, how can we know he achieved his purpose? We can understand this if all those who believe in him have what he came to die for: salvation plus health and wealth.

Let’s now remove our attention from this logical proposition to the reality here on earth. Are all Christians saved? The answer is Yes (John 1:12). Are all Christians wealthy? Not at all, and lastly, are all Christians healthy? Not all of them.

Considering that Christ failed to guarantee salvation, wealth and health, then God failed his mission. I have personally met Christians who think as children of God, if they increase their faith, they can produce wealth and health, and this makes so much sense to them since Christ guaranteed this on the cross for them. They even take scriptures out of context to support their thinking.

It’s my pleasure to let you know that this is heresy, it’s a lie, not the Gospel the bible teaches. Besides being unbiblical, it’s a direct attack on God’s nature. The God of the bible never fails, he is all-knowing and all-power. Only fake gods can’t guarantee what they set out to do and if you believe God failed then you probably believed in an idol not God.

The Biblical truth is that while we were sinners, God demonstrated his love (Roman 5:8), by sending his son that whoever believes in him might not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). It’s for our sins which separated us from God that he died, it’s to bring us back in a relationship with our Creator. Do we get any blessings through Christ? Yes, but here is the main thing. His death was not for the blessing but for our salvation.

Next time you hear someone saying that Christ died for his salvation plus wealth and health, feel free to ask him how he feels worshipping a god who failed his mission. This is not for attacking him but for allowing him to question the real cause of God sending his son. It’s another tool for you to fight against the unbiblical gospel.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free John 8:32