The passion of singing is like a fire in my bones – US-based singer Bagaza

Jonas Bagaza, a US-based Gospel musician has served as a worship leader for multiple music groups before he decided to take on a solo music journey in 2020.

The Gospel Time had an interview with him, and discussed topics ranging from who he is and his music journey.

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Q.Tell us about yourself.

A. My name is Jonas Bagaza. I am a born-again Christian and married to my beloved Mutoni Bagaza Nadine. Since 2018, I have lived in Ohio, the United States of America. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business studies (Finance) from Kigali Independent University and a master’s degree in Business Administration, Global Leadership from the United States.

Q. When did you feel like starting gospel music?

A. I grew up in a Christian family. My father and mother were pastors in the church, and I was inspired to serve the Lord at a young age. Then, in 2005, while still in high school, I accepted Jesus as my savior. I was passionate about singing from a young age. I have been a worship leader in various groups in churches, youth groups and college.

I never dreamed of being a solo artiste. I am only passionate about singing in worship teams. I also composed several songs for previous worship groups.

Q. Where did you get the inspiration to do gospel music?

A. My parents and siblings are very good singers.  I don’t know if they inspired me to join gospel music, but I believe it was a gift from God anyway. The Bible shows us that God gives people different gifts that complement each other in serving His Kingdom.

Q. When did you start your gospel music career and how many songs have you composed so far?

A. The passion of singing is like a fire burning in my bones. I may feel like not developing my singing talent, but I couldn’t. Although I have written several songs, I have only made 4 so far, some of these are available on my YouTube channel under my name Jonas Bagaza. In 2020, I started doing solo music believing that it was God’s right time to do so.

Q. What are your future goals to develop your music career?

A. My Goal is to continue to worship God, continue to reach out to people and give back to God what he gave me.  I would like to spread the Gospel through song with other believers in Jesus.

Q. What is the main message in your songs?

A. Most of the time, I was inspired to write a song during prayer, Bible reading and preaching. There’s no specific message in my songs, it depends on the situation coming my way. However, it was all about thanking God and singing about the Blood of Jesus.

Q. What challenges have you encountered so far in your career?

A. Musicians face various challenges. The biggest challenge is the lack of financial support. Music production is very expensive. When we make gospel music, we do not expect financial profit. Again, only a few producers can understand us and promote our products.

Q. What are your thoughts on the Gospel music industry in Rwanda?

A. “Uwambaye Ikirezi ntamenya ko cyera”, it’s a Rwandan proverb that means that it’s hard for people to discover wealth or value they have. Rwanda’s gospel music industry is booming despite the challenges of various global disasters. God is raising up a young generation eager to worship and praise Him. I would encourage them to move on and the reward is in sight. God bless you all.