Anglican Church elects Bishop to lead new Nyaruguru Diocese

The Anglican Church of Rwanda has elected Rev. Vincent Habimfra as bishop to lead the new diocese of Nyaruguru, which will be inaugurated in August.

The new bishop was elected at a synod of Bishops on Wednesday 30 March at the Diocese of Kigali’s conference hall.

According to the communique, bishop elect will be consecrated and enthroned on August 25 during the inauguration of the new diocese.

Previously, Jared Kalimba, the Dean of Bishops, told this publication that the new diocese was established as part of an expanding evangelism in the Nyaluguru area.

Nyaruguru will become the 13th diocese and is expected to comprise more than 17 parishes.

Currently, the Anglican Church of Rwanda has more than 1.2 million members.

Who is Rev. Vincent Habimfura?

Bishop Elect, Vincent Habimfura, was born in 1975 in the southern Province, Nyamagabe District.

He completed his primary studies at Gasenyi and continued his studies at IJW Kibogora in Nyamasheke.

Habimfura studied theology at Carlyle College and Wiclif University in Nairobi and received a master’s degree in theology.

He became a teacher at EP Gasenyi and a headteacher at EPR Remera and Buhanzi.

Habimfura also headed four parishes, including Rugote, Cyivugiza, Kibeho and Uwinkomero. He became administrator for the diocese of Kigeme and now he is a representative of Kigeme Diocese at Kigeme hospital.