VIDEO: Gospel songs heal, restore hope – says Paris-based singer Umuhoza

Gospel singer Hope Bella Umuhoza says gospel songs are a way of healing and restoration of hope, as she calls upon believers to keep themselves in God’s love and share it to others.

She conveyed the message while commenting on her new song ‘Urukundo rw’Umukiza ‘ (The Saviour’s Love).

“No one loves us unconditionally like Jesus does. No matter what we experience, we must know that Jesus is with us,” she notes.

She highlights that in her new song she wanted to remind people of the Saviour’s love that was proven to us on the Cross.

 “We don’t deserve this kind of love. He showed His love when we were sinners. He was righteous, but he accepted to die for sinners. What a wonderful grace found in Jesus!” she adds.

Since 2013, Umuhoza has released 7 songs as a solo artist. She is based in Paris, France.

Her vision is to continue spreading the Good news through songs.