Top 6 worship songs in 2021

“Worship lets you hear God and lets God hear you.” That is a statement I read from somewhere this week.

This makes worship and prayer the most important activities on this earth, because they connect you with the most important being there is, who is God.

2021 might have been a year of ups and downs. Some people might have got positive things, while others negative, but if we can bow down completely to God, all things will work together for our good.

Music is part of worship, but worship is very broad, because man has to glorify God in every aspect of his life.

In this article, we review 6 songs that were posted in 2021, that we rate as some top worship songs of that year.

Take a read, counting down from 6 to 1:

6. Ntubeshya by Desiree Mubogora

Mubogora’s Ntubeshya comes at number 6. It is a song that talks about the faithfulness of God.

“You will do good to me, because it is you who promised it. You never lie, you fulfil,” thus go the lyrics. (as translated from Kinyarwanda to English).

A good worship song can be characterized by the words that speak about the nature of the Lord God for whom it is being sung.

How pleasing can it be for God to hear us tell Him, “Lord, I have total trust in you. I have total faith in you. And I know you will fulfil your good plan in my life.”

5. Amaraso James and Daniella

A song about the Power of the Blood of Jesus. It should be your prayer, if you want to be cleansed.

4. Ibyushaka Esron Ndayisenga and James and Daniella

It is a song that contains a prayer to God, asking Him to have His Will Done your individual life.

It is such an important prayer that Jesus Himself taught us to pray: “Father, hallowed be Thy Name, let your Kingdom Come, May Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

It is an earnest prayer that you cannot pray unseriously. It is a very vital cry for any human, because if we live but our lives miss out on His Will, then what remains is the misery of perdition.

Please Lord, our lives do Your Will, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

3. Ishanga ryera Savant

A song that reminds us that Jesus is the Lamb of God, crucified for us on the tree of the accursed. If he gave his own life for us, what will he not give us?

2. Narakubonye Savant Ngira

Savant Ngira came back with a new song “Narakubonye” at the end of last year. His music usually does not disappoint. When he sings about where the sacrifice of The Lord Jesus found us and how far it has taken us and will take us, you get the sense that Jesus is really worthy of all praises for what He has done.

Who else would cleanse us from sins, reconcile us with God and give us eternal life? None but the Holy Son of God.

Let me post some of its lyrics here, translated from Kinyarwanda.

“Now what can I say? Messiah you have forgiven me. You have changed me into a son of God. Hallelluyah, be praised.”

1. Ntamba kure by Elayone Music

Everyone who believes in the Lord has pretty much experienced this unbelievable reality of how close The Lord is to us in hard times.

“He is never far from me; He lives in me.” A fervent song that tells much about how unrelenting God’s love for us is.