Meet Giramata, a rising gospel music artiste

You may know Jeanne D’Arc Giramata on social media, where she is seen doing covers for popular gospel songs like Israel Mbonyi’s Ku Migezi, Gentil Bigizi’s Imvugo Yiwe and Yesu Agarutse by Serge Iyamuremye, among others.

She is now 17 years old, but her singing talent started to be nurtured at an earlier age by her elder sisters who are also singers.

She started singing at Sunday school, and later joined the church choir.

Currently, she is a Senior 3 student at Groupe Scolaire Masaka in Kicukiro District, and she is a Christian who accepted Jesus as her Lord.

She fellowships at the Kabuga Assembly of God Church.

The year 2022 marks a new chapter in Giramata’s music career as she recorded her own song “Urupfu rubi” (translated as: a terrible Death).

The song recounts the horrific death of Jesus, through which humanity gained grace.

“Glory to Jesus, who accepted a horrible death for my sins. It was through that (death) that I was born again. In Him I am safe,” goes part of the song’s message.

In an interview with Gospel Time, Giramata briefly talked about her music journey:

“I am a worshiper in the church. In 2021, I started making some covers of gospel songs by my favorite artistes, and later I received feedback from the public requesting me to start singing my own songs. Now I thank God that my first song has been released,” she said.

“In my new song, I thank God for saving us by His terrible death. His death was a chance for humankind that whoever believes in Him would not perish, but receive everlasting life,” she added.

She noted that though she wants to develop solo music, she will still continue to serve in the church choir and worship team.

In her music career, Giramata is supported by her siblings and Bright Karyango, a journalist who works as a manager and advisor.

Giramata’s products can be accessed via her YouTube channel, Gira Music.