Anglican Church to unveil new Diocese in Nyaruguru District

The Anglican Church of Rwanda has announced that it will officially unveil a new Diocese in Nyaruguru District.

The launch is expected to take place during a ceremony slated for Sunday, August 28, next year.

The Bishop who will be leading the Diocese will be consecrated and enthroned the same day according to a statement signed by the Rev. Nathan Muhutu, the Church’s General Secretary.

The decision was taken at a synod of Bishops at the Diocese of Kigali’s conference hall on December 11 this year.

Jered Kalimba, the Dean of Bishops in the Anglican Church explained that the creation of the new diocese is part of expanding evangelism in Nyaruguru District.

Nyaruguru will become the 13th Diocese and is expected to comprise more than 17 parishes.

“Evangelism is our top priority. Where the Diocese is, the church grows. Nyaruguru has a large Christian population and a lot of opportunities for evangelism. It will expand evangelism and we expect that development activities will increase,” he said.

Currently, the Anglican Church of Rwanda has more than 1.2 million members.

In his Christmas message, Kalimba said that Christmas should be an opportunity for Christians to reassess and reflect on the well-being of their families.