Why Gospel journalist Alpha is keen to document Rwanda’s cultural and historic areas

Local gospel journalist Alphonse Nshuti Uwimana, commonly known as Alpha, recently established a tour project under which he hopes to record and share Rwanda’s intriguing cultural and historic tourism areas.

Dubbed “Alpha Tour,” the project is aimed at giving people the opportunity to discover the cultural and historic places in the country.

At a young age, Alpha grew up with an enthusiasm for studying the history of the country.

“When I was a student, I studied the history of certain areas of the country, but this was really just theoretical because we didn’t get to visit these places,” he says.

“I grew up with a desire to explore the country more, and I believe that many people are like me,” he adds.

He, for example, mentions places such as Ndaba and Kamegeri rocks, saying people have heard of them but have not had the opportunity to experience them.

He promised that under Alpha Tour YouTube channel, people will have ways to explore these cultural sites.

He clarified that his initiative is not limited to making money, but is motivated by a passion for educating and assisting people navigate the country online.

“I do it as a passion rather than a business. I might make some money from it in the future,” he pointed out.

Besides his photographer who shoots the videos, Nshuti works closely with local leaders, who appreciated the initiative.

Elders are the main source of information about these places.

“We should explore the digital age constructively by offering something that helps the audience. Unlike some other YouTubers, the Alpha Tour channel will educate people, not poison them,” he explained.

Nshuti believes the initiative will also bring business opportunities for investors planning to invest in tourism.