Sion Awards: New initiative to recognize Rwandan gospel musicians

Last week on 25th November, Christian communications announced an initiative under which local and Diaspora gospel musicians and groups will be recognized for the outstanding work they do to spread the good news to the world through music.

The organisers said the initiative should not be looked at as a competition among worshippers and music groups, but as a recognition and incentive for their sacrifice, courage and efforts.

Nicodem Nzahoyankuye, the head of Christian Communications, explained that the initiative will run annually and have different categories.

“We are not establishing or promoting competition as many might think. We wish to appreciate and value the efforts, sacrifices and courage of artistes, choirs and other groups which spread the gospel through music,”he said.

Josue Shimwa, one of the persons on the coordinating team of Sion awards revealed that the nominees for the awards are those whose products were released between 2019 and 2021.

The message of the songs should be based on scripture.

The unveiling of the nominees for the awards is expected to take place on December 23, 2021, and the voting process will begin on the same day, by use of text messages.

The awarding ceremony is scheduled for January 2022.

To be nominated, a musician (upcoming) should have released at least one song, while a group or choir should have released a minimum of four songs.

The nominees should also be Christians, and active on social media.

Best male artiste of the year, best female artiste of the year, best choir of the year, best upcountry choir of the year, best upcoming artiste, best group or ministry of the year, best video of the year, best hip hop artiste of the year, best Diaspora artiste of the year, best upcountry artiste of the year.

Partners in the programme include Urwego Bank, Bakers Nation, Gumaho shop, Sina Gerald Urwibutso Enterprise, Electrical Solution, and Satimax Ltd.

Cash Prize worth Rwf 300,000 will be awarded to the best upcoming artiste and upcountry artiste, while other winners in each category will receive a cash prize worth Rwf 500,000, as well as funding for the production of a video and audio song.