As he is continuing with his inspiring journey of making worship music, Savant Ngira recently released a new song “Narakubonye,” talking about how far the love of God has brought us, undeservedly placing us in the same inheritance with Christ.

The song is laden with zealous passion about the work of Calvary, specifically pointing out the priceless forgiveness that Jesus purchased for us, something that we could in no way afford.

Gospel Times had a chat with Ngira this week, and he told us about the song and some of the upcoming projects he has.

Read here the excerpts:

Question: Tell us about your new song “Narakubonye.” How did you come up with it, and what is the inspiration?

Answer: I wrote the song when I was in Kibungo. It was around June this year. I was thinking about the love of God, and realized how exceedingly profound it is. I thought about the sacrifice that Jesus gave, and where he got me from.

Indeed, he loved me when I was not worthy of being loved.

Question: It was also produced by Brice and Boris……

Answer: Brice and Boris are still the ones producing songs for me.

Question: I notice that your wife was there in the video of the song, singing. How supportive is she in your ministry?

Answer: She is a good singer. She is not a trained musician, but she has a good voice. When you listen to the Narakubonye song, you notice the voice of a lady in the last part which says: “Kurubu mvugiki se, Messiya warambabariye.” She is the one who sang that part.

She will be appearing more in my upcoming songs.

She is very supportive in the ministry in one way or another. Even during the editing of the song’s videos, she gives advice in regard to what images should be used. She is committed.

Question: Are there some songs that you are bringing in the near future?

Answer: There is a song I did with another upcoming musician called Claude. We have not yet finished doing it in the studio. It can come out around February (next year).