Singer Bimenyimana talks about heaven in new collabo with Bosco Nshuti

Gospel Artiste Ismael Bimenyimana has featured Bosco Nshuti in a new song called, “Bizaba Ari Umunezero” talking about heaven.

The song is the third song in the Bimenyimana’s career, and it coveys message of comfort to desperate and hopeless people, telling them that whatever they face in this world, they should remember that it is not their home, because there is a special home (heaven) where they are going, and when Jesus returns it will be a happy day for all believers who have conquered the world.

Bimenyimana was studying general medicine and surgery in China, but he is currently in Rwanda.

He said he became a friend with Bosco Nshuti by the grace of God.

“We used to be friends; we could chat through different media platforms, but I had an inner desire to do a song with a senior man of God because I am an upcoming artiste. When I told him what I wanted, he took it effortlessly with open arms,” he pointed out.

Talking about the hope that the song gives, Bimenyimana said:

“The impact of the pandemic has caused despair and tears. People have lost loved ones, others have suffered from financial crises,” he said.

“I want to remind believers that this world is not our home and that they should be patient, open up their hearts and trust the Lord. There will be a home, where there are no tears, mourning, death or pain. So, I want to remind people of our hope in Jesus and what we will see when Jesus comes back to take his church,” he added.

Referring to the passage in Revelation 21:4, the artiste came up with this song to encourage God’s people.

Bimenyimana’s goal is to continue to tell people the goodness of God by spreading the good news of Christ to all. He plans to release more songs in the future.