Gospel personalities launch sensitisation drive against Covid-19

Gospel personalities united under the “All Gospel Today” group have joined the Ministry of Health and Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) in a social awareness campaign aimed at sensitizing the public on covid-19 prevention and encouraging everyone to work together to get rid of the pandemic.

All Gospel Today (AGT) was founded in 2013, and it brings together local gospel personalities in Rwanda and in Diaspora with the common goal of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

The group is made up of church leaders, artistes, representatives of renowned worship teams, producers and gospel journalists.

The drive which was launched on  August 11 is titled “#Sindohoka.”

It will spread messages via members’ social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In addition, organisers will host live shows on various local Televisions, Radios and YouTube channels.

Audio and video songs featuring some gospel artiste stars will also be released.

Social awareness messages include calls for members of the public to wear masks in an appropriate manner, washing their hands regularly, maintaining social distance and avoiding unnecessary travels.

According to the group’s Spokesperson, Rev. Alain Numa, the social awareness campaign will help the public change perceptions about the pandemic.

Numa pointed out that there are some, including Christians, deliberately violating the guidelines.

“We found out that gospel artistes and church leaders are among the influencers that are heard and followed by many. These days, some people ignore the guidelines of the fight against the pandemic, and we hope this campaign will help them change their attitude,” he said.

“Christians,” he continued, “have a responsibility to join concerned parties in the battle to fight against Covid-19.”

“We hope for positive outcomes at the end this drive. We hope the public will understand the need for effective compliance with the guidelines,” he said.

Apostle Mignonne Kabera, founder and representative of Women Foundation Ministries and Noble family, shared her message that vaccination doesn’t imply lack of trust in God’s power.

“Vaccination is a sign of love to protect people, those whom God entrusted us to lead,” Kabera said.

Sarah Sanyu Uwera, a lead vocalist at the Ambassadors of Christ choir, called on the public to abide by the guidelines and avoid any misguided attitude.

All Gospel Today has always been actively involved in social and charitable activities to assist and support people in need including hospital patients.