Youth Arise: Pastor Rutayisire shares tips on relationships and marriage

The youth should be steadfast in their pursuit for God first, since He is the the only source of fulfilment.

This was highlighted by Rev. Antoine Rutayisire during the just concluded Africa Arise and Shine conference, locally known as Africa Haguruka.

The 7-day conference included various sessions that were aimed to inspire and groom the younger generation into responsible adults who will significantly contribute to the transformation of the continent.

In his speech, Rutayisire also had his focus on sharing insights on relationships and marriage.

He instructed young people not to be burdened with finding marriage partners and insteadfocus on establishing a relationship with God.

When choosing the right partner, the reverend highlighted that people need to understand that relationships and marriage are different. This is most especially true since not all relationships lead to marriage.

“A person entering into a relationship that leads to marriage has things that need to change, such as removing unwanted relationships to focus on the single person he/she chooses. When a woman or man reaches such a stage, they need to avoid exposing their emotions to everyone,” he pointed out.

He underscores the need to engage in prayer and wait for those who are ready to get engaged.

“When you are ready to get engaged, you need to pray and wait. Never panic or stress, because God is preparing your partner. Before rushing into marriage, the groom should portray himself as a man capable of taking on family responsibilities,” Rutaysire said.

He pledged that when a person is fully prepared, he or she will meet the right person at the right time according to God’s plan.

“Children should be taught in accordance with the Bible about their responsibilities at an early age. They should also develop the character and ability of people who can build families. As Galatians 5 says, character should reflect the heart of Jesus.”

Avoid prophecies and materialistic standards

Rutayisire warned against those who get married because someone predicted it, or those who rely on their parents’ views.

“Sometimes these prophecies or predictions are based on emotions. I advise young people to pray to God and listen intently to His voice and inner voice. Marriage has never depended on race, religion, or economic status. The person you dream of is the one whose personality or character you find matches yours, not the one with a lot of resources.”