Apostle Gitwaza urges Africans to rise and respond to God’s call as “Africa Haguruka conference” opens

The 22nd edition of the annual gospel Africa Arise and Shine conference (locally known as Africa Haguruka) opened in Kigali on Sunday, July 11 with a call to Africans to arise and respond to the call that God has for the continent.

Evangelist Angelique and Pastor Jean Bosco Kanyangoga were the moderators of the opening session of the Africa Haguruka 2021 Conference. This year marks the 22nd edition and the event is held under the theme, “Africa Embrace the Wind of Change.”.

The initiative to host these annual conferences was launched in 2000 under the Vision of Apostle Dr Paul Gitwaza who is the founder of Authentic Word Ministries.

It has been focusing on Salvation and transformation as well as calling Africans to reunite with God, change their mindsets and allow the will of God to lead their lives.

This year’s edition, just like in 2020, is being held virtually due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is under the theme “Africa Embrace the Wind of Change.”

The event was live-streamed via various platforms like Authentic Radio and Television, social media platforms, Canal Plus, Startimes and other local Radios in four languages including English, French, Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda to assist larger audiences to follow.

In his opening sermon, Gitwaza said that compared to where Africa was 20 years ago, there is progress that has been made so far; however, the journey of recovery is continuing.

He noted that though the continent still faces challenges of insecurity and poverty, God has designated it to accommodate people from around the world (hospitality for all), and to be a safe hub.

He added that Africa is called to serve and assist people, and send missionaries.

“This year’s edition should be a good time to examine ourselves whether these callings can be responded to on the continent. If the continent has not come into its calling yet, it’s time for Africans to enter their calling. What God has said about Africa will be fulfilled soon. I pray for Africans to respond to God’s call,” he said.

The conference will also feature local, regional and international speakers who will give teachings on various spheres such as business, leadership, education, and revival.

The Africa Haguruka initiative is organised by Authentic Word Ministries and Zion Temple Celebration centers.