Singer Patient Bizimana advises upcoming artistes to work hard and wait for God’s time

Famous Gospel artiste Patient Bizimana has advised upcoming artistes to work hard and wait for God’s time.

He delivered the message during a weekly show dubbed “Shalom,” on Genesis TV, hosted by presenter Octave.

Presenter Octave, a host of a weekly show dubbed “Shalom,” on Genesis TV.

“The call to serve God is a precious treasure that no one can take away from you. It’s a legacy that lasts until you die,” he said.

“Even if your talent is not yet recognized, that doesn’t mean it’s worthless, but the right time has not yet come. What is needed is hard work and prayer,” he added.

Bizimana is one of the long-serving and talented gospel singers in the Rwandan gospel music industry.

He began his professional music career when he recorded his first song ‘Andyohera cyane’ which came out in 2008.

Since then, Bizimana has produced many songs including Ubwo ubuntu, Mutima wanjye, Menye Neza, among others.

Such songs have rocked gospel lovers countrywide.

Prior to professional music, he worked as a worship leader in Evangelical Restoration church Masoro.

From here, he was motivated to go professional after realizing that he had the talent and passion to serve God through music.

Bizimana described his debut as challenging. However, he never gave up.

“When I started professional music, we were still in the analog era.  We faced challenges such as a lack of many televisions to promote our products and little use of social media,” he said.

Other challenges included conflicts of denominations and a belief among Christians that paid concerts were at odds with God’s word.

“Some artistes failed to withstand such challenges and finally gave up.  I stayed patient and humble to win the battle. Even today, all it takes for gospel artistes to remain relevant is discipline, patience and humility,” he noted.

In the age of technology, he counsels other artistes to never be deceived by the popularity of social media platforms including YouTube and disrespect their churches.

“Social media and YouTube can make you popular, but they can’t replace your church. Social media is good, but they are complementary to church families,” he noted.

About his Marriage and new collabo

Patient Bizimana and his US-based fiancee Gentille Uwera were recently presented before the congregation at Evangelical Restoration Church (ERC) Masoro as one of the couples to get married soon.

The singer released his latest song titled “Yatsinze urupfu” (He conquered death) featuring the duo of Fabrice and Maya Nzeyimana.