Over 10 local gospel artistes and choirs to take part in newly launched competition

At least 10 gospel singers and music groups were nominated to participate in Rwanda Gospel Stars Live, a project which aims at supporting artistes financially, and giving a boost to their products.

The nominees who were unveiled on Sunday, June 27 at KC2 TV include True Promises Ministries, Gisubizo Ministries, Christus Regnat Choir, Israel Mbonyi, Tonzi, James and Daniella, Serge Iyamuremye, Gabby Kamanzi, MD and Aline Gahongayire.

Also, 5 up-coming artistes were selected to do curtain-raising performances during the live shows that will start soon on the TV.

These include Gisele Precious Nsabimana, Aime Frank Nitezeho, Dorcas and Vestine, and Annet Murava.

During the nomination event, the musicians presented projects that can make impact on people’s welfare or promote Rwanda’s Gospel music industry.

The top three projects will get funding during the finals of the competition, slated for the end of September.

In a recent TV show at Genesis Television, Aimable Nzizera, a representative of the project explained it comes as a solution to gospel singers in terms of promoting their products and getting financial support.

Middle: Aimable Nzizera, left: Patient Bizimana, right: Presenter Octave.

Nzizera noted that Rwanda is lagging behind as compared to other countries, owing, in part to the mindset of Christians.

“Artistes spend much money in the production of their songs and facilitating their music bands. Church leaders and Christians should change the way they view the gospel music industry and create more opportunities for the artistes,” he said.

Rwanda Gospel Stars Live is a new platform which is expected to attract a host of gospel artistes of all age groups, and try to empower them financially.

Under the project, the participants will have live performances, a ‘vote and support’ section, training sessions on music entrepreneurship and music business as well as cash prizes for the artists with the best music-related projects.

Supporters will be able to support with the ‘vote and support’ process by dialing *544# and follow prompts. Every artist will be getting a report about the support from the ‘vote and support’ system on their emails on a regular basis.


The top10 artistes were selected based on the experience they have in music, how active they have been. Here, one of the things that were considered was that they should have at least a music video that has no less than one million views on YouTube.

Nominees were selected by a team of journalists, gospel musicians’ association, and music pioneers that follow the gospel music industry.

Gospel music lovers will be able to enjoy live performances by their artistes after months of not entertaining them due to the pandemic. Also, gospel music enthusiasts will support their favourite singers by voting them via codes available.

Organizers also noted that the project should not be viewed as a competition, but as a platform to support the artistes doing gospel music so it can change their lives and link them to their fans to keep them connected through entertainment.