Mother’s Day: God counts on mothers to bring His Purposes to accomplishment

By Hudson Kuteesa
One of the important lessons that I learned from my mum, is how to keep my voice low, even when I am arguing.

When an argument arose at home between me and one of my siblings, my mother used to say to us, “Don’t raise your voice.”

She didn’t quite love it when someone raised their voice; and one of the reasons for this was that she did not want our neighbours to have an impression that we are having a grudge at home.

The Bible is the infallible word of God, and in it is all the truth about how we should live. Unfortunately, I should note that my mother has not read so much of it (I wish she reads more of it).

Yet, despite this, she somehow got somethings right, in regard to how we – her children should live and behave.

From her, I have learnt a lot, and I hope I am still learning.

The lessons she has taught me are beautiful. Among these, she was always against selfish practices. When we were growing up, it was not so common for one of the kids to go and buy something and eat it alone. This is because she would get angry with such kind of selfishness.

She also taught me about not being lazy and talkative.

Though she didn’t read much of the Bible, these lessons are true.

Well, many parents give good advice to their children in one way or the other, and the reason behind this is that they love them.

If someone really loves you, he or she will tell you the truth, since their intentions towards you are purely good.

I am amazed at what the Bible says in the law of Moses, where God gave a commandment to the children of Israel to honour their parents, so that they will live long lives.

God knows that parents should be honoured, and their advice should be respected by their children. Why? I guess because God trusts parents to deliver the right message to the children, because they (the parents) love their children like they love themselves.

Where there is love there is always a way.

Exodus 20:12 “Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”

I guess God believes that he can use the love that the parents have for their children as a channel for Him to teach the young ones the truth. Words that are spoken out of pure intentions of love are often true.

Having said that, I should recognise that mothers are very good at loving. Therefore, I believe that God has used mums across the world to do a lot in bringing up children that have carried out God’s purposes on the planet.

Think about Moses’ mother, who loved her child and refused to give him up to the killers that were murdering Hebrew children in Egypt.

She might not have known about the great future that Moses would have. However, what God did was to give this lady immense love for the child, to an extent that she could not give him up to be killed.

God works in mysterious ways. One of these ways is Love.

The Bible says in Psalm 25:10 “All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep his covenant and his testimonies.”

So, I guess God uses love as a vehicle to bring His purposes to accomplishment.

I can say that God has used mothers quite a lot to bring his Purposes on the earth.

One of the promises that God gave earlier on in the Bible (Genesis) when man had fallen by listening to the lies of the snake was that the child produced by the woman would crush the snake’s head.

God later brought this to pass when Jesus was produced by Mary.

This is quite a beautiful story. Mothers have played a great part in the story of salvation and redemption as it played out on the pages of the Bible.

So, mothers are a great tool in the hands of God due to their hearts of love, which make them good at imparting the purpose of God.

Mothers’ love for their children shapes them to become worthy servants working for God, determined to accomplish His Purposes.

Women do good by loving their children. That is so great. But greater is this: women loving God.

If women will love God with their whole hearts, they can accomplish so much, because they are capable of loving so much.

To conclude, I pray that women will surrender everything to God, and love Him greatly, and we will see God move among nations.

Happy mothers’ Day to you mum Joyce, with Love.