Over 80 years ago, the genocide against Jews took place. Soon after, the whole world stood up and said it would not happen again.

50 years later, in 1994, there was a genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The world did not reach out to do something, yet there was the slogan “Never again.”

This means that the world is still not able to protect its people if it can step aside and keep watching people’s lives destroyed based on their race, region, language or cultural beliefs.

It has been more than 25 years since the Congolese people of South Kivu started to be persecuted and killed by armed groups like the Mai Mai (Mayi Mayi), the Babembe, Banyindu, Bafuliiru, and Bavira in Minembwe, Fizi, Uvira, Mwenga territories and so on.

Recently, from around November 2020 up to date, there were serious polarised abuses against the Banyamulenge.

So far, the destruction of at least 95 villages,128 deaths, and displacement of up to 110, 000 people has been documented.

In addition, 47victims of sexual-related violence have been reported, as well as looting of thousands and thousands of cattle.

Many children have lost their parents as this long-standing gory slaughter affects these very particular Congolese people called Banyamulenge.

The world seems blind, though.

Surprisingly, the Congolese government seems not to take the initiative to stop the massacres.

When will these killings be eradicated? When will every person’s life matter in the world?

When will everyone be treated with equal rights? When will the peace of God reign with no more death, no more massacres, no killing, no violence, no segregating people whether they are white, red or black?

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s Image.

The time has come for the world not to keep silent concerning the ongoing upsurge of violence against its people.

It is time that peace-building organizations apply the “Never again” slogan.

It was pledged concerning the Genocide against the Tutsi in which over a million Tutsi were killed. This slogan should now be implemented. It should not just be a syllable, that is only spoken and left unimplemented.

Human rights organizations – the UN in particular, are called upon to act against the ongoing massacre in South Kivu because if it is not done, it will result in genocide. And this will be the world’s failure again.

The genocide against the Tutsi should have become a lesson for the world, that such violence should neither be tolerated nor given room to continue.

The church is called to pray for the Banyamulenge, because they are God’s people and are part of the body of Christ.

They deserve to live their lives at its best. They have the right to possess life, a country, and a land.

The lives of Banyamulenge matter. Save Mulenge