Radio Umucyo’s “The Christian Way”: A live show speaking faith into a faithless world

Media is becoming more of a tool that influences how people live, either negatively or positively.

Today, Christians are rising up to harness the power of media, making use of various platforms ranging from social media means like YouTube and Twitter, to traditional ones like newspapers, radio and television.

In this article, The Gospel Times profiles “The Christian Way,” an English live radio show running on 102.8 Radio Umucyo every Saturday, tackling various topics in the context of faith.

The show is barely a year old, but it has already aired a plethora of impactful like messages, through its interactive, simple and open style, where the host mostly features various people who turn-up in the studios to share knowledge with the listeners.

To date, the show has hosted people ranging from authors, church ministers, media personalities, business people, pastors among others.

Pascal Ntaganda, the host of the show describes it as an open show, that aims at speaking faith to the faithless world, and hope to a hopeless world.

“We want to relate everything to faith – which is the key to our living. So, we aim at making faith more practical in our lives, so that in whatever we do, Jesus will be lifted and glorified,” he says.

“I always want to make it more of an open live radio talk, where we invite ministers or believers so that they can share about their ministries, or what God has laid on their lives,” adds.

So far, the show has tackled various topics including “toxic friendship,” “spiritual abuse,” “parenting within the pandemic,” “faith and business,” among others.

The program also features some gospel music, and some few news beats that were of interest within the week.

Ntaganda says it has been a good journey so far, and God has been good.

“I hear feedback from people, and they encourage me concerning the show,” he says.

Going forward, Ntaganda says he wants to have as many ministers as possible, as many believers as possible, and as many testimonies as possible on the program,

“I would love to do much more in preparing nations for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and keep spreading the gospel through this show,” he says.

“What we read and watch transforms our ways of living. So, we need to keep investing in Christian media as a way of preparing the church of God for the second coming of Jesus. And actually, it is not a mandate for us alone as media, it is a mandate for everyone,” he adds.