“I will do music all the way to my seventies” – Bigizi Gentil

By Sam Mujyanama

Renowned gospel singer, song writer and guitarist says he will do music all the way till he is in his seventies.

Currently based in the United States of America, Bigizi has done a number of songs that are enjoyed by Rwandans, including Calvary, Tujyane, Imvuyo yiwe, Kipenzi, Yesu arabaruta, and Imvugo y’iwe nihame.

He is one of the highly-rated Rwandan Gospel song writers. He has been nicknamed “Kipenzi,” due to one of his songs that is titled thus.

Though some gospel singers choose to end their music careers earlier, Bigizi told our reporter that his mission is to do evangelism through the talent God gave him, and he pledged to continue doing it.

“I will keep making songs. I have written many songs throughout this time. As for my music career, it will go on for many years. If God wills, I will stop my career when I am in my seventies,” he said.

On January 28 last year, Bigizi and his family arrived in the USA.

Over there in the US, it is somehow challenging to record due to low numbers of Rwandan producers. However, he promised to put in effort to ensure that he keeps being on track as he was before he left Rwanda.