Appolinaire Nshuti features Patient Bizimana in new song

In his fourth song, Gospel artiste Appolinaire Nshuti has featured renowned gospel singer Patient Bizimana.

Titled “Ineza,” the recently released song carries a message to remind Christians that they should always recognize God’s work, according to Nshuti.

“We all have a lot to thank God for. I personally have many things for which
to thank Him. When I look back at my past, and where I am today, I praise and thank God,” he said.

Nshuti prays from the Living Word Church in Kanombe. He grew up with a dream to become an artiste. In 2019, he started working as an artiste.

So far, he has released 4 video songs including Ku Musozi (On the mountain), Amashimwe, wewe ni Bwana, and the newly released “Ineza” featuring Patient Bizimana.

Nshuti described Bizimana as humble, good at composing, active servant, respectful to his calling.

“ I have known Bizimana for many years. I honor him a lot because from the time he started until now, he has never boasted of hmself. He is still humble and respectful to all,” Nshuti said.

That is what should characterise Christians. In the kingdom of God, gospel artistes should be characterized by love, and being supportive to one another without any favoritism.

“Young and old artistes should work together to serve the Kingdom of God,” he added.