Yesu Araje Family slams Genocide deniers, sends message to Rwandan youth

By Chantal Bashal

Yesu Araje Family, a group of youth, a majority of whom were born after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi has joined efforts to fight against genocide denial and trivialization.

The Genocide, is one of the serious gory events the world witnessed in the 21st century, as it claimed more than a million people who were brutally murdered in just 100 days from April 7, 1994, as the government targeted the Tutsi ethnicity.

According to Elsa Muhayimana, the team leader of Yesu Araje Family, no matter what deniers spread on their social media platforms; there is evidence of what really happened in Rwanda.

“Among the evidences, there are memorial sites where the bodies of the innocent people are laid to rest. We also have testimonies of survivors with wounded hearts,” he said.

Every year, during the commemoration, the group conducts various activities such as releasing a song, and supporting genocide survivors.

In their song “Amateka Atazima” (loosely translated ‘the history that doesn’t burn out,’), the group showed that there are tangible evidences that even a blind person can see.

Muhayimana explained that the song also reminds Rwandans that even though the country had a bad history, it is our own history and we cannot flee from it.

“This is time to teach young people about the history and make them know that they have a responsibility to remember and fight against genocide denial and ideology,” he said.

So far, they have released 5 Kwibuka (commemoration) songs including Byari bigoye released in 2017, Dufite ibihamya in 2018, Intambwe ifite intego in 2019, Ni amateka in 2020 and the latest one Amateka atazima released this year.

Muhayimana said that worship teams have a big role to play in assisting Rwandans to honor their loved ones, but also to fight against genocide denial and ideology.

“The history of our country will never expire. Artistes have a task to teach such history to the world,” he said.


“To all Rwandans, take hearts and be strong. What happened will never happen again because God is with us. Gospel and secular artistes should know that their effort is needed to build the future of the country,” Muhayimana said.

Yesu Araje Choir is a group made up of 4 male singers from the Seventh-day Adventist Church of LMS Kamukina in Kacyiru Evangelical Province.

The choir, which started in 2003, has so far produced 6 audios and 5 videos albums.

It has many members from various parts of the world and religious denominations.